Synchronized Skating

Photo by: Photography.

Synchronized skating (synchro) is a adventurous sport that amazes it’s audience all around the world. At high speed and in colorful dresses the 16 skaters are moving as one flowing unit over the ice. Don’t you dare miss it!

Synchronized skating is the youngest discipline in figure skating. The sport saw the light of day in the United States in 1954 and came to Sweden when Andrea Dohány started Team Surprise in 1985. Today the sport has spread around the world and it grows bigger every year. The first official World Championships was held in Minneapolis, USA in the year 2000 and Team Surprise brought home the gold medal to Sweden. Sweden has managed to remain in the top of the world elite, even though it’s a small country with only a few synchro skaters.

Synchro is a team sport with 16 skaters in each team. Together the skaters perform advanced programs exactly at the same time on the ice. In the Swedish National Championships the team’s compete in four age groups and the Junior and Senior level perform both a short program and a free program.

The Judging Panel will judge both the Technical Elements and five different Program Components which are Skating Skills, Transitions/Linking Footwork, Performance/Execution, Composition/Choreography and finally Interpretation/Timing. The Team with the highest score in total wins the competition.

The Synchro Teams build up new programs with new music, dresses and elements each season and often they are more difficult than the year before. The Synchro skaters have to be strong, brave and full of passion to master the sport.